My New Light Box

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Last week's SCS Weekling Inkling had a thread on photography light tents and how they really help to showcase your photos. So I read the thread and checked out the links in it and then decided that I could make one on my own rather inexpensively. I basically followed the instructions of this DIY website, but I made mine from that 1/4" thick foam posterboard you can get at craft stores. I used non-fusible fabric interfacing on the sides and top, then put a long piece of posterboard inside so that it created a gentle curve at the seam. I think this makes it look nicer than seeing the seam of the posterboard. I taped the box together with clear packing tape. I light the sides with desk lamps and use my Bell & Howell floor lamp to light the top. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. There are some relatively inexpensive fabric light tents for sale on eBay and the thread on SCS had another one, and the advantage of those is that they are collapsible. I would say this one cost me just under $10 and for now it's perfect for my needs.

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laurie said...

Thanks for the did a great job.