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Saturday, June 12, 2010

I may be crazy, but I think there is a card thief in my house. 

The other day I was perusing my Splitcoast gallery because I needed to make some cards fast and I figured it would be easier to copy something I've already made rather than start from scratch.  What I found was a couple of cards that I made within the last couple of weeks and decided to just use those instead of making new ones.  Except, I can't find the cards anywhere!  I know I don't have the neatest stamp room (who does?), but they've got to be somewhere!  Eventually I gave up looking.  I don't know where they've gone but hopefully they'll turn up some time.

Which brings me to this card.  I love this stamp set.  It makes such fun cards.  I made this one the other day, took the picture, but forgot to post it.  So this morning I go looking for it and surprise, surprise it's no where to be found!  I am 100% positive that I have not sent anyone a July 4th card in the last couple of days, so the only explanation is that there's a ghost in my house that has an unreasonable fascination with hand-stamped cards, the mice down cellar have finally taken over and are slowly confiscating all my possessions, or someone is stealing my cards!  It couldn't possibly be that these cards are buried under something in my stamp room and that if I just spent a few minutes tidying up, I'd find them.  No way!

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