For Sale

I've nothing for sale at the moment, but check back for updates.

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3 Responses to “For Sale”

CASTOWNE said...

OH HOW YOU ENTICE ME!!!!! Now I have to get my SU catalogs out to see what I don't have because I NEVER keep those sets together...I separate everything into themes so my flowers are in separate drawers from my leaves and phrases. God help me because my SU rep left the business after 2007, and I don't have any catalogs after that. You've given me some homework to do!

CASTOWNE said...

PLEASE HELP! I went through my latest catalog and can't find pictures of any of the sets that I don't already have, so I assume most are post-2007. I tried a number of sites (including SU where I searched for "retired" sets) to get pictures of the various sets, but I don't see them anywhere. Can you direct me a site where I can see the stamps?

Java Sketsa said...

I have a drawing hobby and understand a little about the web. Unfortunately, making cards is not so popular in my country. what if we working together to make a little shop?