Dynamic Duos 4 and Retro Sketches 13

Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's like baby-ville around here lately.  That's right - don't adjust your set - you've arrived at the right blog.  I just don't normally do all that many baby cards.  But my cousin and his wife are expecting a baby soon and I needed a card for the shower next month.  By some strange cosmic interference, the colors this week at Dynamic Duos and the latest retro sketch were absolutely perfect for what I had in mind.

All I can say is good thing I bought some baby stamps recently.  I think this is the third baby card I've made this year alone.  And that's saying something - because I've had a long baby drought.  Yesterday, of course, was the baby blog hop in Rita's honor and today I switched gears to make a boy card in lovely shades of blue.

The hand stamp is from Baby Prints which I embossed in white.  The "baby" stamp is from a retired sentiment set called All Year Cheer II.  I did a little zig-zag stitch around my tag, just because I love doing that and I think it adds a little pizzazz to something that would otherwise be kind of blah.

I'm so glad you took the time to stop by!  See you soon!

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5 Responses to “Dynamic Duos 4 and Retro Sketches 13”

Erna said...

super cute Jen!

Rita said...

Adorable, Jen! I love the little border on the side of your tag and that stitching! Those colors really are awesome; I had to make 2 cards with them and still want to do another one!

Jackie Rockwell said...

Oh I just love how it's all blue except for the handprint! The stitching around the tag is wonderful! So glad you played RetroSketches this week Jen!

Arielle ~ SnappyStamper said...

SO ADORABLE!!! Love the big loopy scallop - what is that? And you stitching is the b-o-m-b!!! So happy you played with us at RetroSketches!!!

Vicky Hayes said...

I can tell you've had fun making these baby cards Jen! This one is gorgeous with that embossed hand and I love your stitching and the open scallops.